What is a “natural diet” and why should you feed it to your pet?

A natural pet food contains no dyes, no preservatives, no inappropriate fillers, no processing

The benefits of a natural diet include reduced itching, shinier coat, higher energy, less allergic reactions, boosted immune system, fewer illnesses & quicker recovery, reduced flatulence & stools and improved breath & dental health.

A natural diet contains

NO dyes
NO preservatives
NO inappropriate fillers
NO processing

Four months ago I received a gift that changed my life, my special skills dog Lola.  As soon as I brought her home it became apparent that she had a sensitive stomach and her coat started falling out.  We chalked it up to the stress of moving to a new home, but it only got worse. After 100’s of dollars in vet bills and a number of tests it was still undetermined what was wrong with her and expensive surgery was our next step. I was at risk of having to return her because her job was to care for me, not the other way around.  I had already bonded with her, and loved her, so I wasn’t going to give up.

I stopped in at the local pet store to pick up another bag of dog food to try for her, when the girl behind the cash asked if I had tried raw food.  At the time I wasn’t hopeful, because I had tried everything already.  They recommended JD Specialty Raw Dog Food because of the high quality proteins of the Poultry Recipe, as well as the fruits and vegetables and absence of fillers, because it would be easier to digest. They sent me home with some sample packs.  Within 24 hours, she was a completely different dog, and her stomach was back to normal for the first time since she was a puppy.  She also has more energy, and after a week, her coat stopped falling out and is so shiny.

An incredible transformation!  Thank you so much for your commitment to the highest quality raw pet food.

Laura BallantyneJD Farms Raw Dog Food Happy Customer