New puppy? How exciting! The next few weeks will be challenging, full of love and sleepless nights. Your adding a new member of the family. Here’s what you should have ready for the arrival

  1. Toys.  Puppies love chewing. Have a small selection of size-appropriate toys on hand to help you discourage puppies own choosing. Make sure toys are soft as puppy teeth are easily fractured by hard materials. And look for durability to prevent accidental ingestion of non-digestible materials.
  2. A Bed.  Provide a safe, clean place for your puppy to sleep. Crate training can be a great choice while house-training. Choose a crate that’s size appropriate for your puppy, cozy but not to cramped.
  3. Cleaning Supplies.  Accidents may or will happen, so be prepared with the proper cleaners to remove stains and smells from your flooring materials.  Look for pet-safe cleaners to prevent accidental ingestion if puppy decides to have a lick of a freshly cleaned area. Enzymatic cleaners are great at removing smells even we can’t detect, to discourage repeat unwanted bathroom behavior in the same spot.
  4. Leash and Collar.  Start early on a leash and collar, keeping a  short leash on your puppy as he learns to respond to the pressure. A collar should fit snug enough to prevent the puppy from getting out of it, but loose enough to allow 2 fingers between the collar and neck. You may also want to consider a pet-belt for traveling, to keep your puppy secure on road trips. Sudden movements can be dangerous for animals traveling in vehicles, as well as for passengers who may be struck by a loose animal.
  5. Veterinary care.Puppies require some routine veterinarian care, so establish a relationship with a vet in your neighborhood in preparation for upcoming vaccinations and health checks.


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