quality-pet-foodDoes your dog have excessive shedding, sores, lumps, watery eyes, large or loose stool or less energy than he used to?

We are so confident in the quality and benefits of our fully balanced Raw Dog food diet that we are offering a money back Guarantee.

Try our JD Farms Specialty Raw Dog food for one month and if you don’t see a change in any of the above issues by that time, we will completely refund your money! Yes, after one month, if you are not completely satisfied, bring in your receipt and we will give you a refund.

The small print: this must be your first time trying JD Farms Raw dog food, you must purchase your first box from the on farm store and you must keep your receipt for any refund to be issued. Maximum of $100 refund per person.

Should you choose to continue with our Raw Food diet for your pet, after your initial purchase, please see our list of retailers to find one near you.